Newsletter 3-2019                                                                                    Bugko, December 2019




Dear members, dear friends and supporters of Mabuhay!

The last months of the year were again dominated by dentists.
On August 19, Emilie Gläscher and Julia Becker, both dentistry students of the University of Hannover and Dr. med. Kim, dentist from Osnabrück came to us. Dr. Kim brought his daughter Jun-Hie with her so that she could get more insight into her father's work. Dr. Kim accompanied the students in the treatments and helped with advice and assistance.

From September 17th to 19th, three of our volunteers took part in a seminar on medicinal plant production and processing. It took place in collaboration with the SHIFT Foundation and the Authority for Agriculture. This way the program also gets local recognition. On September 18, Sr. Veronica and I were guest speakers in this seminar on medicinal plant processing and packaging and so a seminar was held for the first time in our medicinal plant center, since the practical part of the seminar took place in our medicinal plant production facility. The 25 participants of the seminar had to produce Aleo Vera ointment. They were so excited that afterwards they also wanted to pack Malungay tea. It was a complete success and the participants were very interested. Our center is the first of its kind in the whole province and the participants were impressed by the farm with the growing of the plants and the production site. The finished products have been happily accepted by the patients at the Mabuhay Clinic for some time and our next step is the recognition by the Food and Drug Authority. For this purpose, the products must be tested in the laboratory for authenticity and purity.

Almost at the same time we worked on the completion of the outdoor playground. It was a little difficult because the local engineers didn't know how to build the slide riser. The company then sent one of their men to lead our local workers. So this project could be completed in time, much to the delight of the children in Bugko. They have never seen such a playground and there is no such thing in the whole province. We are very grateful to the Hoffmann Foundation for making the two playgrounds possible.

On September 27th, Dr. Carsten Hansen and his wife Doris came for the fifth time to support our dental station. The focus of the stay was on our fluoride children. For many years we carry out the fluoride prophylaxis program with the help of the relief organization of the German Dentists and our visiting dentists. We invited the children every day to fluoridate and, if necessary, to dental treatment. Through the experienced hands of Dr. Hansen quickly gained confidence in the children and many teeth were saved.

As reported earlier, our day care center is used very much. In addition to games afternoons, meetings, there is also gymnastics and dancing. With the help of the Siegburg Rotary Club, we were able to equip the Day Care Center with an air conditioner so that it is not so hot inside. This additional equipment has really paid off and helps the elderly very much. Hopefully there is still a donor for the needed second air conditioner.

Our last guest this year was Tanas Mastani, a dentist from Sankt Augustin. She arrived on the 27th of October and stayed until the 15th. November. She studied in my hometown Bonn. Like Dr. Hansen she liked the treatment of children very much. She was also able to help many adult patients.


Again, an eventful year is behind us. Many patients came to us for help. Through your help we have been able to help so many people so much. We also had many visitors who actively supported our work on site. Thanks / SALAMAT for all help and support! Be it a financial support or a donation in kind. Every help arrives! And there, where it is needed, I wish you a Merry Christmas season and a blessed Christmas
Your grateful

Sabine Korth
Malipayon nga Pasko (Merry Christmas) from Bugko!