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Welcome to  Mabuhay-St. Francis of Assisi Primary Health Care Program Inc.


Mabuhay-St. Francis of Assisi Primary Health Care Center is situated  in the Barangay of Bugko, Mondragon, Northern Samar. It initially envisioned to serve the people within the area particularly the poor and the marginalized in terms of health needs.  Its medical services started on February, 2007.  The response of the people is amazingly challenging but inspiring. They come with various infirmities and in deep faith and trust that they get the attention needed.  A Number of them got well and are back to their usual work and activities. Hence, the word of mouth spread so fast about what we are doing. Presently sick people coming to the Clinic are from all over Northern Samar and not just from the Municipality of Mondragon. Besides the medical services in our Center we are involved in Medical-Dental Missions and give medical services to the Private High School in town porper. The most common diseases are lung- and skin diseases, High blood pressure and problems of  gastro-intestinal-system e.g. ulcer and diarrhea.

The Feeding Program is another service given by the Center in the seven Puroks/areas of the Barangay. This addresses the rampant malnourished cases among preschool children from age one to five. Some of our Below Normal Very Low participants were rehabilitated and back to Normal status.  It has been noted that Mondragon town has the highest rate of malnutrition in whole Northern Samar.

The Dental services are incorporated also into the program.  Again so many patients with dental problems pluck to the Center since they get the full services with a minimal charge just for the medicine.  Likewise, the focus of this service is more on saving the teeth rather than getting rid of them.

The Clinic is open every day and we are supported in our services by some volunteer Doctors and  Dentists from Catarman, the capital of Northern Samar, which is 15 kilometers away from our Center and ten  Paramedic  Volunteers.  The mission ahead of us is so much a task to be done but because of these volunteers who work with us, everything becomes easy and lighter to do.

The Barangay peoples’ livelihood is on farming and fishing.  A Number of families live on a hand to mouth existence. Having the population of almost 6000, the place has a Day Care Program, a Grade School and a Public High School.