Respect for Life and the Dignity of Person

We are fully aware that life is a Gift from God so very valuable, so that every person is cared for with joy, respect, fairness and compassion making him/her comfortably aware that he/she is loved.

Fidelity to our Mission

Our Faithfulness to and Pride in our Health Care Ministry are concretized through our joyful, compassionate, respectful and caring service for those who come to us especially the poor and the marginalized.

Compassionate Concern

We coordinate with selected NGOs, Associations, Organizations and Individual/Group Donors who could assist us in providing a continued care and service commensurate with the needs of the people we serve.


Joyful Service

St. Francis of Assisi passed on a vision of Faith characterized by generosity and the Spirit of love. Our joyful availability, compassionate service loaded with care and concern towards our patients and co-workers are tangible signs of Franciscan presence in our ministry.


Christian Stewardship

We provide just and fair allocation of Spiritual, Physical and Financial services and respectful of the individual and in consonance with our benefectors´intentions and motivations response to the needs of society and in accordance with the Gospel Values.